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Top 5 Split's places

Except the Diocletian’s palace itself, as a core of the city, these are the top 5 ‘’must see’’ places in Split:

 1.       Marjan

2.       Peristil and st. Dujam church

3.       Grgur Ninski statue

4.       Riva

5.       Bačvice beach



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 is the hill under which lies the city of Split. It is very much liked by the locals for a lot of reasons. Split is a beautiful place to exercise (walking, jogging or just doing different kinds of exercises), to go at any Split beach of the hill and swim, enjoy with your friends and family. Also, the hill is beautiful for it's historical value, since you can find several churches there, Vidilica (a place from which you start your tour all the way to the Zoo and parks for kids to play). Jewish cemetery is also very interesting to see, but the nature itself is attractive on it's own. If you book an apartment in Split at the Marjan Hill you will enjoy a very quite atmosphere


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is the most famous square in Split , also known as the most attractive part of the Diocletian’s palace. It is the most respectful example of the entire architecture of the palace and the main part of it. It is a place where there were different kinds of gatherings in the history, and later on, the market place where the bargaining for all sorts of goods were happening. On the Peristil square, you will find the cathedral of the city, the church of st. Dujam, which was named after a bishop Dujam, who was executed by the emperor for his religion and beliefs. Today you can see the church and climb the belfry to witness a fabulous view of the city and it’s houses with their red roofs. At Peristil, today you will find a café bar Lvuxor, which will provide a pianist or any other musician to play every night, while you’ll sit outside on the little walls around the square, having a drink with your friends and family. Peristil is surounded with many Split Apartments but may be also a bit loud durring evenings.

 Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin)


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is the most famous statue in Split. It is known as a master piece of Split’s, but also Croatia’s most famous artist and sculptor Ivan Meštrović , who not only worked for his Croatia , but for countries all over the world, such as USA, Russia and more. His work was ordered for honorable statues to be placed in any main square of any city. The thing about this particular statue is the legend of it’s big toe. The statue is black, but it’s big toe is gold and shiny, since people have been rubbing it. As the legend says, if you rub it’s toe and make a wish, it will come true. However, some locals say that the wish will only become true if it’s wished by a pregnant woman.Next to the statue, you can find a lovely park called Strossmayer park. Locals call it Đardin (the origin of this word is from Italian word giardino which literally means a garden). The park has a fountain in the middle of it, which is nice to see at night, since it’s under the light of nice modern park lamps. Accommodation in Split near Gregurian Ninski - veryunique



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is the main promenade of the city, next to the most famous street called Marmontova, which is perpendicular to the waterfront. Every citizen of the city has to walk through this street at least once a day. You can go to any place in the center without going through Riva, but people still choose it to get to some point. It is newly restored couple of years ago, and now has new floor, new benches and nice flower and trees planted as decorations. You can see an alley of palm trees at Riva, which are very old trees, as their heights say for them. On this waterline, you will find a lot of cafes where locals love to sit and chat during the day, or have a drink at night, since almost every night during summer you can check out a lot of performances provided by the city or some other parties, such as independent associations of any category. Apartments Split at the Riva seafront with fantastic view



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is the most famous beach in Split . It is a sand beach located about 15 minutes by foot from the main waterline Riva. There you can have a swim or just have fun in the shallow water and play the most famous game invented in Split called Picigin. The game is easy: a group of people (3, 5, or as much as you can gather) stand in the circle and play with a small ball (tennis ball size). Every person hits the ball with his palm to the next one and tries not to let the ball fall into the water. The point is to jump in the sea to save the ball, but the jumps must be attractive for bonus points J

Bačvice is also very popular for the Split's nightlife . There you can find several Split restaurants bars and disco clubs with various types of music. Those clubs are open until 4 am minimum. 

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