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Split Accommodation Types - accommodation in split 

split accommodation

We would like to present our town Split as a beautiful place on earth, which got amazing reviews on it's historical and social importance in Croatia. Split has became one of the most visited city in Europe by various tourists from all over the world. It has an excellent offer of different types of Split accommodation for every budget. All of the accommodation in Split is very well verified by the staff of Split Apartment Croatia and published on our website. Split Accommodation offering, such as apartments, houses, rooms, has became a high priority profession for the locals, so they are always trying to take their service on a higher level. You can enjoy the Diocletian's palace and it's mysterious walls all day long, and go back to your Split accommodation which is a few minutes walk from the palace itself. One of the best examples for this type of accommodation in Split would definitely be an apartment in the very center of the palace, which has an exit on the one of the best preserved bastions in the city. You can find it on our website via our search engine as a Prop Ref: 156. We believe Split has a lot to offer to it's visitors and finding the right accommodation would just be a great starting point in your adventure

Split Apartment Croatia has various accommodation types to suit almost every budget and taste, all graded by a unique quality assurance scheme. Below you may find a short explanation of accommodation types in Split we can offer to our clients. Check our fantastic offer of Split accommodation types


Guest House split private accommodation

A guest house consists normally of at least 4 letting bedrooms, with en suite or private facilities. It is usually run as a commercial business. Breakfast is available within the offered price and evening meals may be provided on request. Cheap accommodation in split


B&B split croatia accommodation

Bed and breakfast is usually provided in a split private accommodation house mainly leaded as a family business. B&Bs normally accommodate up to 6 guests, and may not serve an evening meal. Cheap accommodation in split. Split rooms


Small Hotel in Split Croatia

A definition of a small hotel is normally a split accommodation type with a minimum of 6 to 20 bedrooms.  The bedrooms have ensuite or private facilities.  A small hotels is serving a breakfast, dinner and, lunch. They are normally run by owner(s) that reflect their own personal style. We have also cheap split rooms and hotel accommodation in Split


Hotel split croatia accommodation

A hotel in Split Croatia has normally at least 20 bedrooms, with en suite or private facilities. They serve breakfast, dinner and, normally, lunch. We have also cheap hotels in Split for every taste


International Resort Hotel

This is hotel with a 4 or 5-star quality awards that has a large range of leisure and sporting facilities. They  usually include also  an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool and leisure centre.


Self-catering apartments in Split

This is a house, apartment, chalet or similar accommodation in split, with self-catering facilities, normally on a weekly basis to individuals, shorter breaks may be available on request.


Serviced Apartment Split Croatia

Same as mentioned with self-catering apartments but services such as cleaning are available. Meals or  drinks may also be available, either to each apartment or in a restaurant and/or bar near your split accomodation.


Split Lodge

A simple overnight accommodation usually situated close to a city center. The reception hours may be restricted and payment is usually required on check-in.


Split Inn

The same as bed and breakfast accommodation but with a traditional inn or pub. The pub and restaurant is open to other people as well and serves  food at lunchtime and in the evening.


Restaurant with Rooms in Split

A restaurant is the most significant part of the business, usually open to everyone as well as those people staying in rooms. Breakfast is usually provided.


Split Campus Accommodation

This is an accommodation type organized by colleges and universities for their students and is often made available - with meals - to other individuals, tourists  or groups at certain times of year, usually in  the summer, Easter and Christmas periods.


Split Hostel accommodation

A house usually run by a operator or non-profit organization, where beds and sometimes meals and other services and facilities are provided.


Holiday Park accommodation in Split

A park that offers a lot of holiday homes and,  touring and camping places.


Split Touring Park

A offering  touring and camping pitches as well.


Camping Park accommodation in Split

This is a park for camping only. 



Studio Apartment   Private Room   Private Suite   One Bedroom  Two Bedroom  3-5 Bedroom 



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